All is vibration

All is vibration

Long before we had the wherewithal to look at the quantum building blocks of the universe and see for ourselves what it is made of, a man called Tesla said everything is a vibration.

The statement was made without having recourse to any of the technological advances we've made since then, or recourse to the evidence attained by smashing the fundamental building blocks of the universe to see that what he said was every bit as accurate as it is true.

All is vibration. From the matter that manifest intent to shared awareness to the light that allow us to see, the sound that we hear down to the thoughts we think and emotions we feel. Everything vibrate in present sense and resonate in mutual relevance.

Life consists of an abundance of rhythmic processes and Nature abounds in a myriad of cycles ranging from the cosmic to the quantum level of subatomic particles. From the intracellular pulsations of a single-cell organisms to the rising and falling of our breath. Our heart rate, respiration and brain waves all entrain to each other. If we slow down our breath our heartbeat and brain waves slow down also.

What is more is that all biologic systems naturally attune to these cycles of the environment. As any Farmer's Almanac will attest that the best time for planting seeds depend on the phase of the Moon. Our mind and bodies cannot help but follow the different rhythms created by celestial cycles and zodiac signs. Our mood changes to the seasons, we become depressed at the lack of sunshine, and our emotions change according to the phase of the moon. From a vibrational perspective this relation between us and the environment is also known as entrainment.

Entrainment and Resonance

Entrainment is closely related to rhythm and periodicity, and explain the way these rhythms affect us.  Itzhak Bentov illustrated that a in room full of pendulum-type grandfather clocks all the pendulums will swing together in time, His experiment is easily replicated by using metronomes, electrical fireflies, burning candles, emptying water bottles, and if you strike a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and bring it near another tuning fork of the same frequency, the second tuning fork will vibrate without it being struck. This is what is called resonance.

All of the examples so far occur naturally in Nature, and we can use this quality to tap into various vibrational mental states and frequency related manifestation.  Entrainment and resonance can have a powerful effect upon the nervous system and the brain.

Ambient entrainment refer to the use of any combination of sensory stimuli to alter the mental state.